Internet Security

Security SignThe internet need not be a scary place, as long as you are careful and have the right protection.

Most virus borne attacks come via email nowadays, these, sometimes cleverly prepared, and sometimes clumsy emails try to get you to divulge your personal information, or click a link which will download some spyware, malware or trojan to your computer.

As mentioned above, these emails can be very cleverly designed and can fool all but the most vigilant. the easiest way to protect yourself is to stay aware that not all the emails you receive are genuine. They may have all the right logos, layout, information and details but more often than not they will lack a few key ingredients such as your name…..

Of course something as clever as these are will occasionally mean that the email will be followed and all of a sudden you may have issues with your PC. it may be going slower, opening pages you didn’t expect, blocking pages or sites that you know are there.

So, what are the risks?:

Loss of personal information – your credit card and banking information, passwords, login details etc. In the wrong hands this can be disastrous to your credit score.

Mis-Direction of your browser. Buying from a site that you think may be the retailer you wanted, in fact you buy from somewhere else. you may end up with goods you did not bargain for, and as for returns, warranties etc you will be unlikly to be protected.

Presentation of adverts, spam, and illicet material – though not a loss for you exactly it is irritating, annoying, slows down and interrupts your online browsing experience. This can also lead to escalation to issues fond above.

So, what to do?

  • Be aware and be vigilant with inbound email
  • Run an up to date Antivirus solution, we personally use
  • keep an eye on your computer, its behaviour and the sites returned.
  • Keep an eye on your Credit Score

And if it all does go wrong, call in the professionals.

We can efficiently remove the virus’s from your computer, ensure it is free from risks and provide the best chance that going forward you have a secure environment.