Physical Security

We all know that security is important, alarms are often a feature of home and business security but very often,¬†knowing what happened rather than just ‘something happened’ is extremely beneficial.

Adding security cameras as part of your security solution not only deters those from looking but also records anyone that may be doing so.

Of course there are other uses for our security systems. Retailers wishing to monitor their shops and merchandise both inside and on the street is a great way to deter shoplifting, and of course your CCTV system goes on while you are shut to ensure your property is secure.

With remote monitoring built in (web based), Infra-Red and motion detection as well with automated email of detected movement you can even see when people arrive or leave (great for rental properties, absent business owners and more)

Whats more, it is all backed up on disk for immediate and later playback whether you are local or remote.

Secure your business, rental property, boat, car or even just keep an eye on the dogs when you are out.

We have a range of options including 2, 4, 8 and 16 camera solutions, indoor, outdoor and PTZ cameras.

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