Web Site Development

binary-300x235As well as hosting your website on our server we can develop your website to give you a professional presence on the internet to allow you to:

  • Present your services and products to your customers
  • Provide you with your own fluid brochure
  • publish your past work and reviews
  • Publish your contact details
  • Publish your opening hours
  • Keep you in control of your published data

Of course you need to be able to control your own website, not pay a web developer to change text or pictures, and we make that possible too:

Wordpress InterfaceThe simple interface allows you to select Pages, Add New. enter your title and then your text. Select the category and hit publish and your page is live. You can even upload your images right there in the editor.

Of course we will give you a powerful website and with loads of help available either direct from us or form the web you can have great fun developing your website to provide the functionality you need from your website.

You may have heard about SEO, Or search Engine Optimisation. All that is needed is to generate good content which search engines can find and think their customers will like, ¬†and your site will get registered and listed in the search engines. Well our system comes out of the box with good SEO configuration. Just tell the search engines you are there (we’ll do that for you) and they will come by regularly and index your site.

All of the other back end work is already taken care of automatically. Sitemaps, robots.txt etc etc are things you don’t need to know about, let alone know what to do with them as it is automatic.